"Welcome to the Eye."
— Dylan near the end of the movie.

Dylan Rhodes

Dylan Rhodes

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Dylan Rhodes
FBI Agent
Member of the Eye
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Dylan Rhodes is a main character in Now You See Me.

He's portrayed by Mark Ruffalo.

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Dylan discovers that four magicians by the name of The Four Horsemen robbed a bank in Paris and is signed on to the case along with French Interpol agent, Alma Dray. He is forced to release them due to lack of evidence. Dylan and Alma attend the Four Horsemen's second show. The magicians steal their wealthy benefactor , Arthur Tressler's money and give it to victims of Hurricane Katrina. Dylan receives confirmation that the magicians robbed him and attempts to apprehend them, but instead he is attacked by 12 people hypnotized by Merritt McKinney earlier in the show. The magicians escape and Dylan, embarrassed, goes to a bar and drinks. He is confronted by Alma. They go to the Four Horsemen's apartment in New York City. Three of the magicians escape and when Dylan and one of his other partners, Agent Fuller, arrive, they see only one of the magicians, Jack Wilder. Jack fights them and escapes in a car that explodes, killing Jack. Dylan and more FBI agents go to the Four Horsemen's final show, which is at 5 Pointz in New York. The magicians escape again and this time, give their audiences fake money. The real money appears inside the car of Thaddeus Bradley, a debunker that would tell Dylan and Alma how the magicians performed the tricks. Thaddeus is arrested and Dylan visits him in his cell. Thaddeus explains that the magicians did it to catch him, but then, Dylan vanishes from the cell and reappears outside. Dylan tells Thaddeus that he can stay in there for the rest of his life and it is revealed that he was the Four Horsemen's mysterious benefactor. He welcomes the Four Horsemen into the Eye. He later tells Alma that he did it to get revenge on Thaddeus for humiliating his father, a famous magician named Lionel Shrike, into doing a stunt that ended his life. He also got revenge on Tressler Insurance who refused to pay insurance on his father's death and Elkhorn, the company that produced the substandard safe used in the trick that led to its failure.

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